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Today we got Haddock! Fishing Report from Little Sisters Charter April 23, 2022

But above is Jason B from Falmouth with one of his two wolf fish that he got 5 minutes apart (released).

We started out in my favorite haddock spot and then bounced around for a couple of hours spending 30-40 minutes on each of 4 spots. By 915 we had all of one haddock in the box and we made a long drift over a piece of soft bottom in 170-175 feet of water and we got another haddock (and lost another) in "what looked like" reasonable haddock marks. So I ran up-tide to where they were and deployed the spot lock gizmo. Then from 930 until a bit after 11am we boxed up a fair load of haddock sending everyone home with 26 fillets (13 fish each).

Until today, Little Sister caught all of ZERO haddock this year! Not that we tried all that hard in the past week because since the cod season closed, the wind has been pretty relentless. In fact, the last trip we made was on 04/14. Above we have Mike, then Jason and then Mike and Greg with some haddock from this morning. When we started out, there was a "smallish" humpback whale that was very interested in the boat, I had my info wrong so I looked it up and it turns out that adults are over 40 feet and this one looked around 35 or so. It came right up to the boat with it's head out of the water watching us the whole way. A very interesting, "up close and personal" sight!

Below is a pic "High-Hook Greg" took: We are hoping for good weather for tomorrow so I will post another quick report if we do get to go. For now it looks pretty good and I plan on starting where we left off today.

There are a couple of open boat spots available on each of the next two Thursdays then Sunday, May 8th is the last weekend open boat haddock trip available this season (unless I have a charter cancel). If the Thursdays fill up I will add Tuesdays as well.

Haddock trips are 6am-noon out of Marina Bay (333 Victory Road, Quincy) and $175/person. Starting 04/28 I will have flounder gear aboard and the goal is to limit out on haddock as early as we can then hit the harbor for flounder while I fillet haddock....

Please send all inquiries and bookings to this email which is my only "fishing address" now.

Captain Jason Colby

Little Sister Charters


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