A Bit About Us:

"Bright Colors Save Lives on the Water!"

Why Fish Bandit Apparel Was Created

also known as the "Lucky Shirt"

About: Captain Skip Bandini "The Fish Bandit"

As a person that loves the water and hearing about too many accidents with kayaks, canoes and small watercraft, Captain Skip Bandini decided to create Fish Bandit® apparel.  Fish Bandit® apparel meets the demands of any individuals or fishermen of all levels.


Our apparel keeps you safe with neon bright colors (in case you find yourself stranded on the water or just cruising in a kayak), comfortable because the fast-drying, breathable material keeps you dry, and stylish with designs that are recognized worldwide.


Our Solar Flex fishing shirts keep you protected from the sun's UV rays with a 40+ UPF rating. Fish Bandit® was created for the active sportsman that cares about how he or she looks and feels during their most active time of the day or night. Fish Bandit® apparel offers moisture-wicking material to keep you dry and comfortable in any situation – on or off the water.


These premier shirts perform superbly in hot weather, offering quick dry time with a lasting, sleek appearance. How does Fish Bandit® the brand promote safety? Bright colors on the waters save lives! If you find yourself in the water or broken down in your boat our shirts make it easier to be seen and be safe. Even if you’re simply swimming, kayaking, or out on a canoe, a Fish Bandit® shirt can make it easier for you to be seen and be safe.


Fish Bandit’s moisture-wicking shirts are sure to keep you cool and dry while on or near the water as you participate in recreational events and fishing. During the winter months, Fish Bandit® shirts also act as an insulator keeping you warm. Our loose fit shirts are also highly flexible while casting, reeling, securing fish and maneuvering on breakwater or pathways to remote fishing areas. The Fish Bandit® logo is stylish in itself, but additionally, many of the moisture-wicking shirts have evocative logos on the back of the shirts too.


Fish Bandit® is known as the Premier Casual Clothing Company. Our clients are not only fishermen, but anyone who enjoys themselves around water i.e. Marina’s, Yacht Clubs, weddings on the water, clubbing on the water's edge, and vacationing near water.



Born and raised in Boston, MA, Skip Bandini (an avid recreational fisherman) loved to fish in ponds, rivers, lakes or the ocean. His friends affectionally called him “Bandit” while growing up in the streets of Boston. As he furthered his education, he attended the Massachusetts Maritime Academy and received a degree in Marine Engineering. Upon graduation, he sailed as a merchant marine officer in the merchant fleet. Skip soon realized the respect you must-have for the water. As he remembered his days of fishing as a young adult and the lack of knowledge he possessed regarding safety while being on the water he decided to create a brand called “Fish Bandit” to promote safety, comfort and style while people enjoy the water. Captain Skip Bandini also runs charters from Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod, so book a charter today and enjoy the water. Fish Bandit Enterprises LLC was created on October 7, 2013. Since Skip is a long-time small college football coach, his business plan represents how the Fish Bandit® team will have many similar characteristics to a successful football team. Fish Bandit® became a registered trademark in January of 2015. Those who represent Fish Bandit® the brand will be included in the loyal Fish Bandit® family.