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The first 2022 Coxes Ledge Trip is in the Books....Report by Little Sister Charters July 7, 2022

I would like to say it was a huge success but we only had 8 keeper cod out of several dozen. Most of the fish were hardly 1/2 inch short. There was quite a species mix though! Aside from the cod, we also got squid, ocean pout, cunners, scup, sea bass, red hake, a spiny dog, some big flounder, sea bass, a sculpin and on the way in, we also picked up a nice keeper striper! At least everyone went home with plenty of fish...

Today was outstanding on several levels as we limited with keeper stripers by 830am then everyone got their sea bass limit as well! The inshore open boat trips have been quite productive!

While we are on "Inshore Open Boat Trips", that is every Thursday, 7am to noon at $150/person. At this time there are multiple openings on all Thursdays so book your trip and get your share of the fish! I brought home a bit striper today and made ceviche out of some (see picture below). Whenever the conditions are right, I plan on stopping for some "easy pickings" on stripers on any trips that people are wanting to do it. Also, I can also do "designated trips" for stripers only if a group does not mind a lot of catch and release.

Note that todays striper effort involved casting little bucktails on light spinning rods!

The next Coxes Ledge Open Boat Trip is 07/19 (5am-1230pm, $200/person) and there are currently 4 spots available.

Captain Jason Colby

Little Sister Charters


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