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Stripers! Sea Bass! Cod! Tog! Scup! Little Sisters Charters

For the rest of the season, Little Sister will be out of Tripp's Marina, Westport, Ma. She wrapped up "The Quincy Stint" with weak flounder fishing (there were not enough flounder around this year to sustain the fishing) and far less haddock than previous years. More about this in my 2022 Recap which will be sent out the middle of December. The boat splashed down in Westport on Tuesday and I took some people out on Wednesday and Thursday. We found lots of stripers, some slot size (see Bob above with a 32 incher from yesterday) and loads of tog but all small ones so far. AND, the sea bass are big and beautiful! On the two trips we did not keep them under 18 inches and many were well in excess of 20 inches.

The first Westport "Regular Inshore Open Boat Trip" (Thursdays, 7am-noon, $150/person by reservation only) is on 07/23 and there are several spots available. These trips will focus on local waters for "mostly sea bass" but if we have tome and the right conditions we can stop in the river for stripers as well.

"Offshore Open Boat Trips" (Tuesdays, 6am to "noonish"/$175/person or 5am-"noonish+"/$200/person. By reservation only) start with 06/28 (6am/$175).

07/05 (5am-noon+) is already full.

07/12 ($175) has space.

07/19 ($200) has space

07/26 ($175) has space.

Note that it is not too early to reserve spots!

Little Sister is booking charters on all available open days for "whatever you want" if you have the boat for you and your group. Fluke off Newport or Nomans Island, cod on Coxes Ledge, tog fishing, scup fishing/sea bass fishing/bottom fishing, jig fishing AND "Stripers in The River" which can be done for a few hours any afternoon (or 3am-6am) for short money (I don't burn much gas in The River).

No trolling. No tuna/shark. No Nantucket.

Please be sure to include your name and phone # when scheduling

Captain Jason Colby

Little Sister Charters


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