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Haddock, Haddock, and More Haddock! Fishing Report week of April 25, 2022 from Little Sister Charter

That means that we were pretty busy but it was not all up and down fishing. We actually got exactly 26 fish in the box in the first hour or so but it slowed down to a crawl and was not looking promising. I then "went looking" but in reality, there were loads of fish right where we were but they weren't eating. After a few empty (seeming) spots I went back to where we started and "spot locked" the boat right over a large school of fish that seemed to have lock jaw (but we did "pick" a few). It took exactly until the outgoing tide started moving well for the fish to turn on. By then I had stopped fishing and was cutting the 29 fish we had with the hope that things would change. And that is what happened, the fish just went nuts right then with non stop action until the 5 guys plus me had 90 haddock on the boat. By then it was 1102am and I zipped in at 35 MPH and was back at the marina by 1135.

Everyone went home with their 15 haddock, including me!

The main thing is we all had a great time, caught loads of fish and the weather was great too! There were many whales all around us today as well, though we were not "buzzed" like we were on Saturday.

Good thing as the whales today were much bigger....

As for open boat haddock trips for the next two weeks:

There is one spot on 04/28

5 spots available on 05/03, one spot on 05/05 and 5 spots available on 05/08. (Mothers Day). These trips start at 6am out of Marina Bay, Quincy at 6am. Starting next trip there will be flounder gear aboard to "test the waters" while I am cutting haddock. (that is the plan)

Please send all scheduling and question emails to this address ( and please be sure to include your name and phone#.

Thank you!

Captain Jason Colby

Little Sister Charters


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