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Haddock and Flounder Fishing, Fishing Report 5/8/2022 by Little Sister Charter


Believe it or not, I canceled fishing for this weekend and early next week. Though the haddock fishing got "as good as it can be" the last two days out there, the current northeast flow has sea conditions suitable only for those that like fishing in a washing machine...

Little Sister has not even "tried" flounder fishing yet, even though she has been carrying a flat of sand worms for over a week now. Perhaps if the upcoming haddock trips want to test the flounder spots we will know sooner rather than later.

What I mean by "later" is, at the latest on the 13th and the 14th we will probably be spending at least part of those days on flounder (haddock/flounder charters). More realistically, I will try to get out there earlier this week on a day that is not suitable for haddock. I will keep everyone informed.

They closed the state water dragging on 05/01 and "coincidentially", we started seeing a obvious improvement in the haddock fishing (both size and numbers). We have also been catching and releasing a lot of nice sized cod as "male model Dan" demonstrates:

For what is coming: 05/10 is "supposed to be" open boat haddock but I am likely to change that to flounder. If the people do not want to do that I will try to go myself. Either way, there is space available if anyone wants in. The same goes for 05/12.

For flounder specific open boat trips, we will be going every Tuesday and Thursday from May 17th through June 14th. What the booked status is currently: 05/17 (full), 05/19 (3 spots), 05/24 (full), 05/26 (2 spots), 05/31 (4 spots), 06/02 (full), 06/07 (4 spots available), 06/09 (wide open), 06/14 (5 spots left).

The flounder open boat trips are 6-11am, $150/person and all bait/tackle are included as well as fish cutting.

Please be sure to include your name and phone # when replying.

Thank you!

Captain Jason Colby

Little Sister Charters


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