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Fishing Reports from Charter Captains around the area. (Picture by Fish Bandit Charters)

REPORT DATE August 25, 2020

Buzzards Bay: Captain Dave Altrich

This week has been on fire on Buzzards bay. The bite has been very early and over

by 9am on top water every day. Good size bass are lurking in the shallows just before 1st light. Find the Boulder fields that hold the bait and you will find the larger fish!

Most of the week we did not have to run far to find acre size schools of Bass and blues. When those fish moved off when it got to bright, we changed it up also did very well with Keeper Black Sea Bass, Scup and other ground fish.

Still waiting to see the large schools of Bonito cruise into inner Buzzards Bay but it should be any day as they are a week late this year.

Cape Cod Bay: Captain Joe Penta

With the hot water and some dog days the bay cooled off this week.  Beginning of the canal was on fire with bonito for a few days.  Small fish scattered around the beaches have to work hard to get em.  Mix of bonitos and blues on billingsgate.  Get the tuna poles ready with the fall coming up. 

Vineyard Sound: Captain Skip Bandini

The Hooter is holding plenty of Bluefish and a good number of Bonito. Black Sea Bass are holding in deeper water at 70' in the Vineyard Sound. Fluke have been more scarce this last week. The good news is Bonito are holding in outlets of ponds/inlets of both Martha's Vineyard and Falmouth fingers. Even better news is the False Albacore are now showing up at shoals in Vineyard Sound. Personally my favorite lure is the 1 ounce Daddy Mac squid Bonito/Albie lure.

Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay: Captain Dan Smith

Black Sea Bass- All around the southern parts of the bay on structure and around the bait schools. While on the drift live Spearing and Peanut Bunker have been working very well along with Squid. There have been large schools of smaller squids in the 1-3” size that all these fish have been feasting on for almost a week now. We have been having good results catching Sea Bass while vertical jigging around the feeding bluefish out front of Newport and Jamestown.

Fluke- It seems that a nice fall push of fluke have shown up they can be found from 20-80ft of water but mostly on the deeper end of things, once again Brenton Reef and between Seal ledge and Haycocks ledge have been pretty consistent. Fresh Spearing and Peanuts are a nice ticket to getting some keepers. When you are looking to target some Fluke on the shallower end look for the bait and the feeding fish set up down drift of them and you should connect with some nice fish...

Tautog- They are around and have started their feed, we have started to pick away at them this past week in about 40ft of water. The incoming tide has been critical to getting them to bite.

Bluefish- One word... Bait! You find the bait you find the bluefish... that being said with this much bait around they are pretty hard to miss! Large schools of Peanut Bunker, Spearing, Juvenile Squid, and Bay Anchovies have put these fish on the feed Big Time!

Striped Bass- Brenton Reef has continued to produce fish in the afternoons and into the nice as well as at first light. Block has started to fizzle off as we get into the beginnings of the fall run...

Inshore Exotics- Albies and Bonito are still holding offshore and to the East, the Mackerel mix has moved off from the Newport area but we still have good reports from the Sakonnet Point area. Mahi Mahi have make another appearance this week being landed less then 10 miles from Newport. Small jigs like the Daddy Mac Lures jigs and soft plastics have been producing some of these inshore exotics.

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