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Fishing Reports from Charter Captains around the area. (Picture by Fish Bandit Charters)

REPORT DATE August 11, 2020

Buzzards Bay: Captain Dave Altrich

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Cape Cod Bay: Captain Joe Penta

  • Great fishing in cape cod bay right now.  Lots of bass down sandy beck beach with fish on top.  Acres of bass all mixed from schoolies to slot keepers.  Up in Truro has blue fish and bonito mixed in.

  • Canyons update... great fishing in oceanographers last week.  Boated 14 yellow fin and a white marlin.  Some big eyes were mixed in but we did not land one.  Hydrographers had big blue marlin with some tuna mixed in. 

Vineyard Sound: Captain Skip Bandini

  • Fishing has been great, the Hooter is heating up with Bonito and many Bluefish, Sea Bass and Fluke in the area also.

  • In Vineyard Sound this nice 27" Fluke was taken off the coast of Martha's Vineyard. Plenty of Sea Bass and Fluke around as well as good size Scup.

  • If you like Bluefish like me, it's always a treat to pick a few of them also.

Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay: Captain Dan Smith

Striped Bass- After the storm last week the bass have not moved far, all around

Brenton Reef and really the whole oceanfront of Newport and Jamestown. Find

the bait and you will find the fish!

Bluefish- Nice Blitz's have been happening a little further east over between

elbows ledge and Sakonnet Point. Also along the whole south side close in to the

rocks around first/last light. Please use caution when fishing tight to the rocks as

it doesn't take much to end up on those rocks, don't get any closer than your

comfortable with.

Black Sea Bass- Still all over the humps of Brenton Reef and on smaller structure,

they have started moving into the shallows as well, up to 15ft. Right now I would

still say most of the biomass is between 40-50ft of water. Jigs have worked well

this week with your common colors producing fairly well. Pink, Chartreuse, White,

and Nuclear Chicken.

Fluke- Still slow on the fluke front with the exception of around Block Island

picking up. I know of at least 2 10lb+ fish landed at Block in the last 48hours... I'm

sure the shallow bite will start producing some nice fish as well as I saw some

nice sized schools of Peanut Bunker in the upper bay this week. 1-2 more weeks

and they will be perfect bait sized!

Scup- Rocky Point seemed to slow down this week, but the bite near the

Jamestown bridge seemed to really heat up. Squid and Seaworms have worked


Tautog- Reports from our fans have been saying there are a TON of big Tog in

shallow in the oceanfront right now! 15-20ft was a ticket to finding them. They are

still acting a little hook shy for us but we have been doing well with other species.

Inshore Exotics- Still a large amount of smaller hardtails around with very limited

Bonito or Albie action. Although there have been a lot of larger false False Albies

(Frigate Mackerel) that are easily mistaken for False Albacore.

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