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7/1/22 Little Sisters Charter Fishing Report

It's July Already!!!

We got weathered out on Monday and Tuesday I went out with just George and Dalton for limits of "Dalton Size" Jumbo Sea Bass (he does not like to keep them under 18 inches). We also had a couple of keeper cod and a 34.5 inch slot striper. Today we had George again! Also there was the Flyfishing Duo of Bill and Sheila Hassan ( and our new friend, Mark W. Everyone went home with a limit of Jumbo Sea Bass and a piece of another 34 inch slot striper that George nailed on a dropper fly meant for sea bass! Below are Bill, Sheila, Mark and George

There are three spots left for 07/07's inshore open boat trip (7am-noon, $150), 2 spots left for 07/12 (6am-noon, $175) and 3 spots left for 07/14 inshore open boat trip (7am-noon, $150) Please be sure to include your name and phone # when scheduling. Thank you! Captain Jason Colby Little Sister Charters 617-755-3740

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